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  • My Power Spells - Positive Affirmations for your Child

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  • Levitating Platform

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  • Giant Beach Ball

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  • Robotic Pet Fish

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  • 12 Person Inflatable Lounger

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  • Light Matrix Cube

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  • Remote Control Mini Drone

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  • Frozen Peas Ice Mold

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  • Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter

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Ice Mold Shot Glasses

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Ice Mold Shot Glasses just add a bit of color to your drink. Imagine drinking the shot then eating the the ice? A definite addition to t...

Bear Claw Meat Forks

Product small image 71 afnmedll. sl1024

Bear Claw Meat Forks satisfy the inner cave-man in you. Just being able to tear the meat apart will put a smile on your face. They also help you to...

Salt and Pepper Batteries

Product small image 81znemp6wil. sl1500

These Salt and Pepper Batteries are a great gift and will look really different on the dining table. "Needs some salt. Pass me the blue battery!" N...

Drumstick Chopsticks

Product small image 41ip6ouxrzl

Most people will give a big sigh of relief when they see these Drumstick Chopsticks. If you can't use chopsticks effectively to save your life, you...

Dust Mopping Slippers

Product small image 5193v4xm95l

These Dust Mopping Slippers will have you skating all over your floor while you try to keep your house clean and get in a bit of exercise too. Or j...

Smart Phone App Magnets

Product small image 51rub80yxul

Turn your fridge into a smart phone look alike with these Smart Phone App Magnets. Do you know what's a good idea? Let the fridge look the same as ...

Water Draining Soap Holder

Product small image 71v49gmoc8l. sl1000

Every time you have a shower, that's daily, by the way, the bottom of the soap has been lying in water all day. So yucky and a bit wasteful too. Th...

Toilet Mini-Golf

Product small image 41ow2pmwgil

Most people read a book or the newspaper or a magazine on the toilet. Although these days you can hear the game noises coming from behind the toile...

Knife Cutting Finger Protector

Product small image 51gegueydrl. sx425

Many a kitchen cutting board is covered in blood and bits of finger because you didn't use the Knife Cutting Finger Protector A very handy gadget w...

Guitar Cheese Shredder

Product small image 815pwzx6kvl. sl1500

You can imagine strumming your guitar when in fact you are using your Guitar Cheese Shredder to grate whatever it is you needed to grate. Have some...

Falling Bookends

Product small image 61yi ovfjfl. sl1500

Add a bit of drama to your library with some Falling Bookends. Sometimes the weight of all that reading can be a bit much.

Hand Ashtray

Product small image 61ov4nf88tl. sl1002

Most people use the Earth as their ashtray so do your bit for the environment by giving your smoking friends a hand to keep the world clean. The Ha...