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  • My Power Spells - Positive Affirmations for your Child

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  • Levitating Platform

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  • Giant Beach Ball

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  • Robotic Pet Fish

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  • 12 Person Inflatable Lounger

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  • Light Matrix Cube

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  • Remote Control Mini Drone

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  • Frozen Peas Ice Mold

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  • Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter

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Leatherman Style Multi-Tool

Product small image 71pxljqtp9l. sl1500

How does any man or woman not have this? Filthy Nails? Boom. Need to cut something? Boom. Holding an Import beer that needs opening? Boom. Get your...

Adjustable Dumbbells

Product small image 81sd0napf6s. sl1500

These Adjustable Dumbbells are very quick to set new weights for varying exercises. You just twist a weight dial and the dumbbell adds or takes off...

Light Up Radio Control Shark

Product small image 81gydiyqvkl. sl1500

Shark attacks don't only happen in the oceans and seas anymore. Scare your friends or mess with your pet. Either way, it all takes place from your ...

Credit Card Sized Multi Tool

Product small image 91gf1fsb7kl. sl1500

You will be ever grateful that you have one of these Credit Card Sized Multi Tools in your wallet. YOu don't need to check with your bank to see if...

Top Gun Pilot’s Watch

Product small image 51lsjbl2mtl. ux466

There's a saying that time costs money but with the Top Gun Pilot’s Watch you will find that telling the time also costs a lot of money. A timepiec...

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One Handed Beer Bottle Opener

Product small image 61t7l 2b qtul. sl1001

What exactly were you doing with your other hand that you needed the One Handed Beer Bottle Opener? Oh yeah. You had the remote. OK!

Melting Gallium Metal

Product small image 81d5bw882gl. sl1500

So cool. Pick up the Gallium and watch it melt in your hands. Interest kids with science and use the excuse to put down that tablet or phone and ch...

Under Desk Gun Holster

Product small image 51umhv58gol need a licence to have a gun so your Under Desk Gun Holster is available to buy. Not sure what sort of business you are in that might re...

Super Strong Portable Door ...

Product small image 8158oqgwmkl. sl1500

The next time someone gets on your nerves, and you feel like locking them in a closet, get your own portable lock to make sure your victim stays in...

Levitating Platform

Product small image 61n7dywuyjl. sl1500

And you thought that cheesy paper weight on your desk looked cool. Ha. Levitate small objects and get your David Blaine on. Or looking for a cool w...

Condom USB Drive

Product small image 91ap7f7pmfl. sl1500

Why a Condom USB drive? Because the man that practises safe, virus free downloads also practises safe sex!

Push Up Training System

Product small image 81pp0uhvzal. sl1500

The age old exercise of the push up is now going hi-tech with this Push Up Training System. Different positions for the handles mean different leve...