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  • My Power Spells - Positive Affirmations for your Child

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  • Levitating Platform

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  • Giant Beach Ball

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  • Robotic Pet Fish

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  • 12 Person Inflatable Lounger

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  • Light Matrix Cube

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  • Remote Control Mini Drone

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  • Frozen Peas Ice Mold

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  • Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter

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Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

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In Chinese tradition, the dragon is the bearer of good luck. With the Dragon Toilet Paper Holder you know you're luck is definitely in when the dra...

Bear Claw Meat Forks

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Bear Claw Meat Forks satisfy the inner cave-man in you. Just being able to tear the meat apart will put a smile on your face. They also help you to...

Ice Mold Shot Glasses

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Ice Mold Shot Glasses just add a bit of color to your drink. Imagine drinking the shot then eating the the ice? A definite addition to t...

Modern Flip Down Clock

Product small image 61carvtlhxl. sl1500

Boring, circular, wall clocks are pretty boring. This Modern Flip Down Clock will give you a different outlook on time. "What's the flippin' time?"

Zombie Gnomes

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So you have a gnome or two in your garden. Cute. Well why not get a few of these Zombie Gnomes to scare away cats, dogs and cheeky kids? Is your ga...

Drumstick Chopsticks

Product small image 41ip6ouxrzl

Most people will give a big sigh of relief when they see these Drumstick Chopsticks. If you can't use chopsticks effectively to save your life, you...

Water Temperature LED Faucet

Product small image 717enm2brbl. sl1500

Add a bit of color to your water flow in the bathroom or the kitchen with the Water Temperature LED Faucet. A really nice addition to the home givi...

Pizza BBQ Grilling Stone

Product small image 91wfsyvk1tl. sl1500

If you like your pizza with a nice crisp crust then this Pizza BBQ Grilling Stone is the answer. Buy one for your local Pizza Hut to help them solv...

Tree Man Incense Burner

Product small image 41k6alo0ybl

Add a bit of character to your sweet smell making in the house. A cute but functional Tree Man Incense Burner has the expression that says it all: ...

Steampunk Telephone

Product small image 41te2qi 2blyl. sy450

The Steampunk Telephone is kind of a magneto generator style and you need to be careful not to twist the wheel instead of turning the numbers. Ther...

Salt and Pepper Batteries

Product small image 81znemp6wil. sl1500

These Salt and Pepper Batteries are a great gift and will look really different on the dining table. "Needs some salt. Pass me the blue battery!" N...

Portal Cube Cookie Jar

Product small image 41tskebeltl

Who cares where your cookies come from? If Dr. Who's Tardus dumped a whole load of cookies in your kitchen would you ask any questions? This Portal...