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  • My Power Spells - Positive Affirmations for your Child

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  • Levitating Platform

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  • Giant Beach Ball

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  • Robotic Pet Fish

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  • 12 Person Inflatable Lounger

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  • Light Matrix Cube

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  • Remote Control Mini Drone

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  • Frozen Peas Ice Mold

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  • Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter

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Programmable Pet Feeder

Product small image 81udqndofhl. sl1500

Sometimes you get home late and the dog is frantic for its meal. Sometimes you don't even come home and hope the dog doesn't eat the cat or your ma...

Doggie Biscuit Maker

Product small image 811io7diotl. sl1500

Make your pet the perfect homemade treats with this doggie biscuit maker. You can make your dog 6 different shaped treats although there is reasona...

Auto Refilling Dog Bowl

Product small image 61lasp8nzul. sl1024

No matter how good a pet owner you are there are times when you simply forget to fill the dog's bowl with fresh water. The Auto Refilling Dog Bowl ...

Doggie Pedal Water Fountain

Product small image a1jlfw1hbbl. sl1500

The point here is, if you can train your dog to put his paw on the pedal and get a fountain of water to pop up, you can train it to get you a drink...

Shark Pet Bed

Product small image 51oauty11yl

If you can get your dog to accept this ferocious shark as its bed then good luck. Don't be surprised to wake in the morning to see your dog has rip...

Goldfish Soccer Game

Product small image 81tusgyacrl. sl1500

For the football fan - keep your pet fish in top shape and watch them try to score goals. Unfortunately, with a concentration span of less than 3 s...

Dog Umbrella

Product small image 61sprcdnpdl

Nothing's too good for mans best friend and sometimes Spot just does not want to be out in the rain.

Tug Preventing Dog Trainer

Product small image 616mc8ggdzl. sl1000

The Tug Preventing Dog Trainer is exactly what you need to help train your dog to walk properly. No pulling, no straining at the leash to chase cat...

Tennis Ball Launcher

Product small image 51sqiqx 2b nl. sl1105

This is the perfect gift for your dog for Christmas, especially if it's an overactive animal that just loves to run around in the park chasing tenn...

Darth Vader Dog Costume

Product small image 41nvkh6vekl. sy450

This is the perfect outfit for your dog because you are going to take it to the opening of the new Star Wars film, right?And what a hit the little ...

Superman Dog Costume

Product small image 61kolclx9il. sl1200

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No it's your pet dog wondering when the heck are you going to take this stupid costume off and take...

Triceratops Dog Costume

Product small image 91c2syixitl. sl1500

The Triceratops Dog Costume is what you buy your Chihuahua, your pug, or a small terrier. Put this costume on your it and it will own the neighborh...