You like your drinks cold, your whisky on the rocks, and you like a bit of blues guitar. Mix them both with a block of ice that looks like a guitar to cool your drinks. Swirl the guitar around, sip your drink, look cool.

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Jewelry Holder Tree

Product small image xcl 47

Simply throwing your necklaces, earrings, pendants, brooches and rings into a box or a drawer is a recipe for disaster as they all get tangled up a...

Giant Gummy Bear

Product small image xcl 46

Giant Gummy Bear is a whole lot better than a normal sized gummy bear. Can there be any other reason to buy one of these?

Endless Edges Brownie Pan

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This particular product was specifically designed for that member of the family that cannot stop him or herself from having brownie after brownie a...

Your Ex Knife Holder Set

Product small image xcl 44

The first question one should ask before buying this item is: Why is the EX in a figure of a man? Some men EX's are just wonderful guys, as are som...

Pool Couch

Product small image xcl 43

You can feel like a movie star lounging about on this Pool Couch. Just lay in the sun and float around in the middle of the pool in a state of utte...

Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

Product small image xcl 42

This is a great gag gift for sure, but for the serious minded, if you want to train your dog or cat to fend for itself, then this Toilet Bowl Coffe...

Metal Chain Wine Stand

Product small image xcl 41

The technological science that has gone into the making of this unique Metal Chain Wine Stand is comparable to the quantum physics that was applied...

Face Down Lounger

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In the past, before Star Wars and the extinction of a galaxy, you could never lay down on your tummy on a lounger. Just where did you put your face...

Exposed Muscles Leggings

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Leggings used to be just plain black or white but the creativity of fashion designers keeps taking enormous leaps. Imagination this time has given ...

MacBook Pocket Mirror

Product small image xcl 33

Double take! Look again! No, it’s not an Apple Ipad for under $5. It’s a cute, cleverly designed mirror, or compact. Check the lipstick, powder the...

Coiled Wax Candle

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The Coiled Wax Candle is an idea that was waiting to happen. For those of you that like to burn candles in the house you will love this because the...