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  • My Power Spells - Positive Affirmations for your Child

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  • Levitating Platform

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  • Giant Beach Ball

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  • Robotic Pet Fish

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  • 12 Person Inflatable Lounger

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  • Light Matrix Cube

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  • Remote Control Mini Drone

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  • Frozen Peas Ice Mold

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  • Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter

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Inflatable Floating Iceberg

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The planet is getting warmer and the ice at the poles is melting. You can either take this Inflatable Floating Iceberg to the beach as a form of pr...

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Falling Bookends

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Add a bit of drama to your library with some Falling Bookends. Sometimes the weight of all that reading can be a bit much.

My Power Spells - Positive ...

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Best selling children's book! A beautifully illustrated and inspiring book for young girls. Written to become a special source in a girl's life, st...

Portal Cube Cookie Jar

Product small image 41tskebeltl

Who cares where your cookies come from? If Dr. Who's Tardus dumped a whole load of cookies in your kitchen would you ask any questions? This Portal...

Color Changing Waterfall Fa...

Product small image 71gfzin uql. sl1500

If you're not happy with turning on the faucet and simply having water come out then here's the perfect solution. It's not a cheap solution but it ...

Six Person Inflatable Lounger

Product small image 91xysyaqhql. sx522

There's a lot to be said for friends and enjoying good times together. You can do this even on a hot summer day when you are all in the pool. After...

Goldfish Egg Yolk Separator

Product small image 41ix3syxg2l

There's nothing like using your pet goldfish to help you separate the egg yolk from the white. It gives the little fella a chance to get out of the...

Shark Sleeping Bag

Product small image 71tnzyfmxjl. sl1500

This is the only time it's safe to be eaten by a Great White, when you go to sleep, or camping or a sleepover at a friend's place. Yummy, yummy, yu...

Giant Beach Ball

Product small image 61co4srkvwl. sl1000

Did someone say beach volleyball? This huge beach ball is awesome to play with. Imagine how many children you can knock over.... This thing has a d...

Portable Ping Pong Set

Product small image 81rnsyhf9pl. sl1500

You live in a house that really has not enough room to hold a ping pong table. Here's your answer. This ingenious set up allows you to play the gam...

Portable Washing Machine

Product small image 91qkaqli 2bcl. sl1500

You know what I hate? Going on vacation and having to do laundry... or worse... having your suitcase smell like your dirty clothes! Ewww! Thanks to...

Russian Roulette Water Balloon

Product small image 71agjltgssl. sl1500

Want to hurt someone you love lol.. You Feeling Lucky!!! Make sure to bring a change of clothes when you play Russian Roulette Water Balloon... Rem...