Unique Gift Giving Ideas for Women, Men, Children and even Pets

Posted: December 07, 2015 By John Loffler


If he is a camper, a daredevil, a prankster, a drinker, a lover, a sportsman or just a loveable jerk, there is something here for him. Next to your pet, a man is the easiest person for whom to buy a gift. His woman and his children agonise, unnecessarily, over buying just the right gift. Men are shallow when it comes to receiving a present, and they are easy to please. Sometimes the dumbest offering will be the one that makes them the happiest. Stocking fillers usually become his favorite toy, like a silly shaped bottle opener or a USB drive shaped like a dog humping the computer. If it makes him laugh, he's going to love it. If he constantly uses it, he's going to love it. Take a look at This is What Xcites Me. It has 1000's of gift ideas that cover Birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. If you can’t find the right item here, then it probably hasn't been invented yet!

Check these out:

Floating Cooler - Look, darling, you won't have to call out to anybody to get you a drink while you sloth around in the pool.









Beer Making Kit Do not underestimate the power of beer. This gift will help him to spend less money on drinks and being out at a bar and spend more time at home, with you.









Carbon Fibre Wallet This is for the high tech man in your life who will salivate over the thought that the wallet holding his money made from the same stuff as a stealth bomber.









Light Up Golf Balls - This gift might be a bit risky because you are giving him a gift that might see him off, out playing golf in the evenings as well. Give with care!









Faceless LED Watch - This is a gift that’s a little bit different. When you present it, tell him that when he is with you time is unimportant.









Campfire Cuisine Book - It's not that you dislike slightly burnt, grilled fish with crisps and beer when you are out camping, it's just to let him know that his cooking skills can change that night under the stars in ways he could never imagine after a good meal.









If she is a diva, a fashion model, a lover, a mother, a wife, a housekeeper, a cook or just the sweetest thing on earth, there is bound to be a gift here for her on This is What Xcites Me. Of the 1000 plus gifts to choose from, there are a couple of hundred that will bring happiness to the woman in your life. There is nothing more hopeless than a man shopping for a present for his wife, partner or girlfriend. Guys shake when they enter a lingerie shop, are confused when they enter a skin care and make-up store, would not dare enter a sex shop, and can never remember her size if they wander through a women's fashion shop. Basically, from the prehistoric days the caveman offered his woman a jawbone of a T-Rex, nothing has changed. She said ‘thank you’ and fumed. You can do your shopping online with This Is What Xcites Me and click through gifts that are clever, inventive, loving, thoughtful and personal without leaving the comfort of your favorite armchair. Just don't be SO predictable that you leave your present giving ordering to one day before the birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Valentine's Day. Planning ahead for these special dates show you care!

Here're a few suggestions:

Car Headlight Eyelashes - If she drives your car, how about these cute eyelashes so your friends can tell just who is driving the car today.









Penis Lamp - A thoughtful gift for the lady in your life, and in your bed. This gift is a mood changer.









Glow in the Dark Nail Polish - The art of crazy manicures comes alive on Christmas Day.









Glow in the Dark Lipstick Feeling romantic? Ask her to wear this stuff to bed.







Be they a baby, a toddler, a teenager, a live-at-home adult, a student, a walking bad mood, a puberty disaster, a shrinking violet or a secretive computer nerd, we’re sure we can accommodate them. Buying gifts for kids these days is becoming almost as hard as buying a present for a woman. Children are now under enormous pressure to be seen to be ‘cool'! They have to dress in the latest fashion, wear the most awesome shoes, and have the most recent release of iPhone, iPad, smartphone or accessory. Not only does this give you nightmares, but these gifts are also usually quite expensive. A failure in gift buying for a kid just puts you in their bad books for a few hours or a few days at the most so it's not as deadly as a bad buy for a woman who will remind you, and your friends, about it for the rest of eternity. This Is What Xcites Me's range of children's gifts is amazing. There are hundreds of items that cover birthdays, Christmas and even graduations

My Power Spells - Best Seller! A beautifully illustrated and inspiring book for any young lady. Written to become a special source in a child's life, starting as early as possible, so the affirmations become part of their inner and outer vocabulary. The writer's wish for this book is to guide girls & boys throughout their lives and to be lovingly passed on to the next generation of enlightened daughters and sons.

















Bicycle Exhaust  - Your son wants to make all the noise in the world while on his bicycle. He will love the exhaust sound this gift makes.









Remote Control Tarantula - Boys just love doing horrible things. It’s in their nature. Let him loose with this gift on the condition he doesn’t give his grandmother a heart attack.









Swimming Shark Fin - The kids love fooling around in the pool. There’s that shark game they always play, so they can now play it a little more realistically.









Snorkelling Window Pool Float - There's not a lot to see at the bottom of your pool, but your daughter will love using this at the beach, or at the lake while camping.









Condom USB Drive - This is a constant reminder to your nerd son that he must practise safe sex IF he can drag himself away from that computer long enough to find a girlfriend, of course.









Lego Millennium Falcon - Give this to the boy in your life with a warning to his father to leave it alone. You can never have too much Star Wars stuff in the house. Never!









Princess Blanket - She's your little princess, and you might as well let her sleep like one. This gift is a winner.









Robotic Pet Fish - Your little girl has buried five goldfish in the past two years. By ‘buried' we mean flushed down the toilet. This gift will put a stop to the carnage. A forever goldfish. Amazing!









Teen Spirit Deodorant - Kids always think they have BO. This gift is a kind way of saying "Yes you do, but here's something to help." It's puberty.















Yes, we know your dog loves you unconditionally, and all the mutt will want for Christmas is your presence, rather than a present. Probably a walk and play ball will be okay. But This Is What Xcites Me has some pretty amazing stuff for your dog. If you have a cat it’s doubtful anything will make it love you more, but maybe you can coax it to be a little less stand-offish with a crazy toy. We all know who loves the pet toys most don't we? YOU! The problem with owning a pet, particularly a dog, is that it is considered a member of your family, not an animal at all. You are constantly with it, walking, holidays, driving, shopping, socialising. A dog never shakes its head to say ‘no' when you ask it if it wants to go with you somewhere. Not like your kids! So, when you buy a gift for your pet, it's because you are ever hopeful that you will get a reaction. The reality is that if you get excited, for sure your pet's going to get excited. The This Is What Xcites Me pet toys and accessories will undoubtedly fulfil all your needs. A selection will make you happy and, as a result will make your pet happy.


Dog Life Jacket - Whether your dog can swim or not, this lifejacket just makes your pet’s life a little easier while getting around in the water. Certainly if you take your dog out on a boat, this is a necessity.









Auto Refill Dog Bowl - Your dog will love this simply because it will know it has something to do with food.









Triceratops Dog Costume - Your dog will hate this but love you for spending time with it. This is more a gift for the family and their cameras, and if a dog could be embarrassed, this would be a great start.









Doggie Bone Pool - If you can’t wait until summer to see your dog’s reaction, set it up as a bath.









Cat Tracking GPS Collar - Find out exactly where your cat disappears to each day. Solve the puzzle.









Dog Safety Harness - This harness will keep your dog from flying through the car windscreen if you have an accident. However, it virtually stops the dog from hanging its head out the window to slobber and smell the surrounds. It will hate you.









Cat Window Perch - You have noticed the cat spending about 23 hours a day perched in the window. This gift shows your cat you know it well.