Xcitelife Exhibits at Outdoor Adventure Show

Posted: February 24, 2016 By Rob Campbell

Xcitelife was at the 2016 Outdoor Adventure Show on Feb 19 - 21st, 2016 at the Toronto International Center which is a huge indoor complex out beside the airport that's immediately accessible by no less than four major highways. There were two hundred and ninety nine other dealers there that weekend and I have to believe that about sixty thousand people passed our booth over the course of three days.

Outdoor Adventure Show entrance at Toronto International Centre

The core Xcitelifers came out to help us create excitement at this public facing attraction. It was all hands on deck as we impacted the crowd. Many of us lost our voices because we talked so hard all day long!. Our strategy was simple; to inspire people to "live some life" by discovering all the fun things to do on Xcitelife. We encouraged everyone to make profiles and fill out a bucket list, which can be shared to friends and family on our site. We hosted a contest whereby the Bucket List wishes of people are written out and pinned on a cork board in our booth - at the end of the show we selected a winner. Congratulations to Martin Seguin, who won a Stand Up Paddle boarding Xperience off his Bucket LIst! 

Xcitelife mascot at Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto, 19 Feb 2016

We made lots of new friends in the process. Check out Earth Girl or our winner Martin's profile, complete with pictures. We'll also be using one of his offroading images as our main image on ATV’s!  We’ve already sent a touch point telling him the good news!

We ran into some old friends at the show.  Like Aaron from Blu Wave SUP which is now headquartered here in Ontario at Collingwood Ontario

Blu Wave - SUP Canada at the Outdoor Adventure Show

And below is Scott MacGregor from Rapid Media with whom we hope to work in the summer promoting some unique water events. Rapid Media puts out a comprehensive kayak buyers guide online for free and that's the kind of insider secret that makes the Outdoor Adventure Show so darn special..

Scott MacGregor from Rapid Media, Kayak Buyers Guide

People come from all over the world to promote amazing vacation packages to exotic destinations, but many of us believe the best options are found closer to home; Ontario in particular has plenty to offer tourists just a few hours outside of Toronto.

Below is the First Nations storyteller who spent the weekend relating tales from the Voyage of the Iroqoius. Here the booth attendants were dressed in full Native Canadian regalia, and the walls of the area were filled with images taken by paddlers, passengers in the giant twelve person canoes following the historic trade routes of the Voyaguers!

Iroqoius Village tribal experience

The history lesson continued with exhibits displaying stone axe heads, arrowheads and spear points. Experts were on hand to explain how the first Canadians could hunt and kill bear and moose with such primitive weapons. One expert in particular was skilled enough to assemble real arrows and spears in front of the crowd. He was able to illustrate how efficiently the First Nations hunted and how they also acted as responsible conservationists. This was fantastic firsthand knowledge that I have never seen performed so well by someone so passionate.

collecting arrowheads from native Canadian settlements 

Maha goes trail riding at the 2016 Outdoor Adevnture ShowAt the end of the day, after we packed up, we went out in Xcitelife style by standing on the back of a pick up truck with a megaphone and Nerf guns as we drove through the complex. We made a few people laugh and gave them an image they won't soon forget.

All in all, the show was an amazing success. Thanks everyone for your help, your energy, your support and love.

We transformed many lives (including our team) over the weekend, and this is what life is all about!  Monchu - One family.