Experiences are Better When Sharing with Others

Posted: September 29, 2015 By Lisa Di Domizio

It’s Tuesday night, it’s pouring rain and I just spent the last 90 minutes running outside on a field shivering from the fall cold setting in. My team had a soccer game and as much as the thought of sitting at home on my couch seemed like an attractive offer I knew in the end staying home meant I would miss out on fun as well as let my team down.

I am a female in my 30’s, I have a great job, an awesome family, I am focused, strong willed and independent but, I am not an island. That is to say, if I want to do something I will – I have no trouble going it alone but, somewhere along the way I realized life is better when sharing experiences with others. A movie is always better when you have someone to laugh with, a piece of chocolate has more flavour when you share it with a friend, a workout is easier when you do that last set of push-ups together and the colours in a sunset are always brighter when shared with more than one set of eyes.

Take a moment and think about the last time you noticed the brilliant colours of the evening sky, you stopped, reflected on its beauty and maybe even took a picture. Now think about later in the evening when you post that picture on social media to share it with your friends and noticed they too have captured similar images of the evening sky. Aren’t you happy to have the opportunity for others to see what you witnessed? Did you not rejoice in that shared experience? Did you not feel empowered by the synergy of sharing with others?

You are people sharing the same experience at the same time making you equals in that given moment no matter your life circumstance. Spontaneous social experience can happen in any moment where people get together, but there is greater power in planned shared experiences. Planned shared experiences help us escape the ordinary, shake the regularity of daily living and building stronger relationships.

Join a team, plan a friend get away or learn a new skill. Step outside your box and enjoy the security of knowing others are taking that same step too. So next time I go out at night and try a new local restaurant or the next time I chose to test my limits and jump out of a plane I hope it is not alone. For me the lasting memory is not just the experience, it is the fact that I shared all that nervousness, laughter, exhilaration, risk and success with YOU!