Don't Let Anyone Stop You from Truly Living Your Life

Posted: November 07, 2015 By Heather Van Viper

We all have a "bucket list" also known in a more morbid sense as the things we want to do before we die. Take a moment and think about the thing you want to do most on your bucket list. Better yet YouTube a video of it and imagine yourself doing whatever "that" is whether it's Skydiving or belly dancing.

Now ask yourself what's holding you back from crossing that experience off your list right now. Name the top 2 hinderances, and I betcha an experience, that people in your life or lack there of and/or the influence they have over your decisions, is one of them.  Whether it's hard to meet others and some of your fiends or family don't share the same thrilling taste for life's adventures, or they are a bunch of Debbie Downers, or maybe they are constantly living in this false projection of the future where fear of the worst possible outcome is always looming over them, scaring them. Regardless of the reason, they hinder you from pushing forward and truly living life to the fullest.

Now yes sometimes the more independent or experienced adventurer wont actually want company because it can be hard to find someone else that will take risks, in a 20 ft wave for instance, or maybe they find company extra baggage, but I'm sure even the experienced ones first tried something new with company. Put them aside though and think about the 99 percent of the population that believe the best parts of experiencing an adventure is sharing it with someone. This doesn't have to be a significant other, but just another soul that is resonating with the vibrations of your energy when truly "living" and being so absorbed in the moment that life's problems become a dull hum in the backround.

Can you imagine going Snorkelling at a ship wreck and seeing something so cool and looking around to share your excitement with someone and no one is there with you? I believe that as humans we are always living in the past or future but when we are enjoying an experience we are present in the moment, and truly living. This is why it is so important for our soul to connect and to surround ourselves with others that enjoy new experiences too; who push us forward and motivate us.

We all need to let stresses go and absorb the joy, laughter and emotions of the moment. Our problems can wait! Find portals like Xcitelife that connect you with others and start living during your life. We have to start putting it out there, into the universe, about what we want do or achieve. Physically write down on paper your bucket list and put it somewhere you will see it everyday. Instead of letting other people effect the experiences from being kept on your list, put it out there and let others be part of the reason you are crossing experiences off your bucket list!